Laser printers are mostly widely used printers of these days across all the business houses ranging from small to big. It produces high quality text and graphics on the paper very rapidly. Although the individual printing cost per paper is comparatively low but the toners of laser printers are quite expensive.

We have a stringent quality control team which is on a vigil to match the quality with original specifications. Before delivering the refilled toner we make sure that every bit of old ink is flushed off, the laser cartridge is thoroughly cleaned & all the worn out components are replaced. We thoroughly recondition your Laser cartridge giving you the taste of the same new printer.

Refilling of toners decreases the cost of printing and also prevents the production of hoards of non-biodegradable waste and prevents environment.

Colour Laser Cartridges

Printing of inkjet printers is of very high quality and gives a great feel despite of its being a bit expensive in regular use. Refilling of inkjet cartridge from MY CARTRIDGEPOINT stores enriches your experience of the print quality at most pocket friendly rates possible.

We have suave modus maneuver for the refilling. We collect the empty inkjet cartridges from your end, flush out every bit of old ink, refill the fresh ink, test the print quality and ink levels, and deliver it back for you to have the fresh feel in print.

We use ‘avant garde’ technology in refilling the cartridges. We have stringent quality control mechanism to make sure that you have satisfaction to perfection

Our team of technicians are trained and pruned to provide you utter satisfaction. Our refilled cartridge can be reused numerous times saving a lot of your money and help our mother nature survive for our future generations.

Laser Remanufactured Cartridge

In case of Laser cartridge reconditioning, we completely disassemble the laser cartridge, thoroughly clean the laser cartridge & replace all worn out components before filling it with toner. Laser cartridge refilling goes through a stringent 9 step refilling process which starts from collecting empty laser cartridges, manual inspection, electronic inspection, removing old toner, toner filling, manual test, print test, packaging & delivery. The print quality of our reconditioned Laser cartridges is almost equivalent to original and the page yield also matches the original specifications. Our refilled laser cartridges can be recycled several times and every time you get print quality like original.